About our organisation

The Mangatarere Restoration Society (MRS) is a newly formed streamcare group that is working to improve the health of the Mangatarere Stream. We are volunteers from the community, farming, local industry and Iwi.We are currently developing a plan which will:

  • support Greater Wellington Regional Council's Land and Environment Plans for landowners adjacent to the Mangatarere Stream. This includes providing community volunteers to assist with ecological restoration activities.
  • implement environmental education campaigns encouraging the Carterton community to reduce stormwater discharges and ensure only rain enters our drains.
  • work with local processing industries to adopt better wastewater management.
  • develop methods to raise awareness and promote behavioural change via three paths: working with the community, working with farmers and working with local industry.

The MRS management committee consists of:

  • Ray Craig, MRS Chair and Supreme Winner of the 2011 Greater Wellington Ballance Farm Environment Award;
  • Jill Greathead, Treasurer and Carterton District Councillor;
  • Geoff Doring, President of Wairarapa Forest and Bird
  • Don Bell, Convenor, Sustainable Wairarapa;
  • David Cameron, Manager, Land Management, Greater Wellington Regional Council;
  • Alan Roy, Community Representative;
  • Seymour Harris, Community Representative; and
  • Ra Smith, Kahungunu ki Wairarapa.
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